My Possible Class Choices for Fall 2007

These are my possible classes that I’ll be taking in the Fall for the colleges I’m actually enrolled in.  I’ve been think about applying to a different doctoral program, so my options would change if I got accepted to that program (if I apply).  The current doctoral program I am in now has 2 of the specialties that I’m interested in studying, but I just don’t get that “feeling” from the university. Although my classes have been filled with intelligent, insightful, and inquiring people, the campus has this air of “a place where teachers hang out after school”, not exactly a place of academic rigor. That of course could be just me. Here are my options so far.

  • Introduction to Visual Impairment
  • Literary Braille – online
  • Program Development for Young Children with Disabilities  online
  • Infant/Toddler and Family Assessment  online
  • Assessment and Methods in Early Childhood Special Education  online
  • World Affairs  
  • World Cultures 
  • Administration in Organizations 
  • EDP 7057 Ed Psych Tuesdays
  • EDF 6472 Intro to Data Analysis
  • EDF 7937 Advanced topics

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