A Day to Catch up

I will have a forced day off tomorrow.  They are supposed to repossess the car and tomorrow is the last day to pay up. I called the woman who has been leaving the messages and she told me that my mom actually has disability insurance on the car. That means once she fills out the paperwork, they will make payments for a year.  This has to happen in person, so I have to take my mom to make the payment and apply for the disability.  My mother didn’t even want  call her in the first place and when I asked her for the number she never gave it to me, I had to find it myself.  I am so discouraged that she will do absolutely nothing to help herself.

As for helping myself, my mother’s attitude might be genetic.  I’ve been avoiding calling the mortgage company to tell them  I cant afford to pay them because of the raised tax and insurance. I called today, but I was on hold for 20 minutes to talk to a human and I gave up after that. 

I did go to the dentist this week, 6 cavities, 2 to be filled and the other 4 are the wisdom teeth, which need to come out. I’ll be having an orthodontist consult on Saturday to see about closing the gaps.  I didn’t go to Italian class on Wednesday and instead went out to eat dinner at a Thai restaraunt with a friend.  I’m not sure if I will be going on to Italian 2. The professor is great, but I think I want to free up my Mondays and Wednesdays. The gym is offering swimming lessons next month on MW, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to force me to exercise and learn how to swim properly. I am a little put off by wearing a swim suit in public though. 

So tomorrow I will clean up the bathroom in the morning (that is my goal), take my mom to pay the car, and hopefully catch up on 3 weeks of late work for my online class. I kind of wish I could have Monday off too. That’s what I miss about working for the system, I wouldn’t have to work for six more weeks if I was still a teacher.  Mentally, I’m still expecting a break somewhere, year round jobs are tiring.


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