Last thing I need to get

I just subscribed to the Blockbuster Online movie rental.  My time is limited with three jobs, school, and practicing my Italian, but there are a lot of movies that I want to watch.  So far I have 40 movies in my queque, including some shows that I dont have access to on cable.  The first movie that should be coming is The Last King of Scotland.

I went for my orthodentist consult today and he recommended invisiline for me since I have small gaps.  It will take 9 months to close them. That’s quicker than I thougt. Cost: $4,300. Yes, my gaps aren’t that bad and are not noticible from a face to face view, so I will have to think about this investment in something that no one notices unless I point it out. Especially, when I am struggling in the money department.

I finally decided that I will apply to the different doctoral program available in my city.  I was relectant due to partially cost, but also I felt that I would have a better job opportunities in I majored in Special Education. I really do think my interest lies more in second language acquistion and international/cultural studies, but I have tried to be faithful disability studies because it has been my job and my area of expertise for the past (oh wow) 6 years. Working with student with disabilities has been such a joy in my professional life. That does not necessarily mean I want to spend the rest of my academic and professional life researching special education. There are some things that you just like to do and some things you want to research.  I want to work in special education. I want to research language, literacy, and culture.

I also need to finish my homework due on Monday. Oh give me the strength not to procrastinate more than I already have and finish tomorrow.


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