It has been an overwhemling series of events in the past few days. I got in my first car accident and totaled it. I’m fine physically, but I was shaken up afterwards. I bit my lip and got cut by the seatbelt. I am also pretty much being audited by the IRS for my 2005 tax return for something I didn’t realize was salary (it was a scholarship). Work is still the same, so is school.

I do have remark that some of the overwhelming experiences in the past couple of days have been acts of kindness and good graces:

• The young man I was in the car accident with was the nicest person to get in an accident with. He helped me out my car, pushed it to the side, made sure I was ok and even offered to keep me company as I waited for my tow truck. His kindness and consideration kept me calm in a rattling situation. I am extremely thankful for him and wish him the best.

• The day after the accident, I received two unexpected gifts: A teddy bear from my ex-boyfriend, wishing me better days, and money from my ex-supervisor. I cried a little at both.

• A blind student told me he could tell I was a beautiful person.

• I have a job interview next week for a position that I think I will enjoy very much.

Most importantly, I’m alive.


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