Goal for the Week

After a really good look in the mirror, it became more obvious to me to that I really need to make a health goal.  I am lacking in the discipline department, so I am starting out small.  No coffee for the rest of the week.  No Starbucks or Panera or any other random coffee place that may cross my path. No coffee. I can do this.  This will not only cut down on unecessary calorie intake, but also save me some cash.  A positive to effect for my money goal.  Exercisewise, I would like to go to the gym everyday this week, but I’m a little behind in school work due to my car getting broken into and all my homework being stolen.  I just received the books that I had to reorder to complete my assignments, so I better get cracking on those this week.  To even have time to go to the gym I would have to wake up super early and go before work, which I haven’t worked up the actual gumption to do yet.  That will be my next week goal, but for now let’s just tackle the coffee.


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