About Me


Thanks for stopping by.  If you clicked on this link, you probably wanted to know a little more about me.

Currently I am a disability specialist by day, a Ed.M/Ed.D student by night, and a beginning French  Italian student in the evenings.  On Saturdays I am an Intensive English Language Teacher for the local community college. My nerves are completely shaken the night before because I have no idea how I am going to teach and entertain for 6 hours (I did get a very nice compliment from a couple of my students at the end of my last class, so my confidence is a little higher now).

When I’m not trying change the world for the better (well at least my world), I try to relax by reading, cooking, or sleeping. I recently had a somewhat involuntary big move back to my childhood home and adjusting to that takes a lot of my time as well.

If you have any questions or just want chat, voice your opinion, ramble, etc. Please feel free to contact me at:

camimiami at gmail dot com

Be Kind and Be Blessed!

Yes, I know that’s not a picture of Miami


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