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The struggle continues

It’s less than a month to my 27th birthday. Unfortunately, my 26th year of life has been a beast. I have several car incidences (crash, break in, break down), school realities (failure, probation, dismissal, re- admittance), life/lifestyle disagreements(mom, move, job, weight, men, break down). Overall, I’m exhausted with the direction my life is going.  I know by comparison, my life is pretty blessed, I have a home (for now), I’m healthy (everything works!), and I have a job (eh).  I just don’t feel like being here anymore, I want to move and get settled in my life, I want to finish school and be done with it.  I don’t want to work, I have things to learn and work is just getting in the way!  I feel trapped and I know I’m trapped, so I try to make the best of the situation, but the best still isn’t good enough.

Sorry, I needed to get that out.

My goals for September so far :

  • Post at least one positive thing everyday
  • Keep up my homework for all my classes
  • Exercise everyday
  • Try not to cry for the rest of the month
  • Keep in touch
  • Eat healthy
  • Work on the business
  • Go somewhere different for my birthday

No Coffee, So far so good

No coffee since Tuesday, I’m still ok. I have avoided the caffeine fueled frothy goodness for two days. Now I need to add to that list, no cookies and no vending machines.  I think I just exchanged vices. 3 diet goals to next Tuesday.  It hasn’t been too bad yet, but we’ll see my attitude on Monday.

I got a call from my realtor about a woman interested in renting my house, but she has two rotweilers.  First I had the couple with the pitbull and now this lady.  Doesn’t anyone have dogs without vicious reputations anymore – like a poodle or a cocker spaniel.  

Goal for the Week

After a really good look in the mirror, it became more obvious to me to that I really need to make a health goal.  I am lacking in the discipline department, so I am starting out small.  No coffee for the rest of the week.  No Starbucks or Panera or any other random coffee place that may cross my path. No coffee. I can do this.  This will not only cut down on unecessary calorie intake, but also save me some cash.  A positive to effect for my money goal.  Exercisewise, I would like to go to the gym everyday this week, but I’m a little behind in school work due to my car getting broken into and all my homework being stolen.  I just received the books that I had to reorder to complete my assignments, so I better get cracking on those this week.  To even have time to go to the gym I would have to wake up super early and go before work, which I haven’t worked up the actual gumption to do yet.  That will be my next week goal, but for now let’s just tackle the coffee.